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Praise for FIRED!

"FIRED! is the 'bible' of employee rights under fire. It should be part of any business collection and consulted in any termination situation. No working person should be without access to FIRED! Quite simply, it's the most important and comprehensive modern legal review of employee rights in the book world today." ~ Midwest Book Review/Bookwatch


"This is an excellent resource with so much more information than I've ever seen in a guide like this, and the fact that it is completely up to date, easy to follow and understand, and packed with sample letters puts it at the top of its class. The book will benefit those who work in the field of human resources, and who are already lawyers but can use a brush-up. Very highly recommended!" ~ Readers Favorite Book Reviews (5 Stars)


"An absolutely and unreservedly recommended addition to community library Jobs/Careers and Labor/Employment Law collections. FIRED! is comprehensive, real world practical, thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, and should be read by anyone facing the loss of employment for any reason and in any manner." ~ Reviewer's Bookwatch (Midwest Book Review)


"FIRED! provides a comprehensive strategic guide to aid individuals during an otherwise difficult time. With experience, knowledge, and insight author Steven Mitchell Sack puts the confidence and power back into the hands of employees. He helps to insure employees are getting everything they deserve as they navigate an often terrifying and emotional process. Sack's knowledge is palpable, and this is truly a handbook and guide to understanding the process and informing the reader." ~ Reader Views Book Reviews

"If you are fired, don’t just walk away like a wimp with your head low – plan to GET BACK, get even and get what you DESERVE! In FIRED, you learn to protect your rights if you lose your job. This book strongly lists and explains the rules of engagement when it comes to being laid off or fired, and gives a wide selection of options for you to get the best results." ~ True Review


FIRED! has won awards in both the Business/Reference and Law categories in the 19th Annual BEST BOOK AWARDS competition, Beverly Hills, California.


Steven Mitchell Sack has received the prestigious Long Island Business News "Leadership in Law Award" several times in the last few years, and he has been honored as an "Employment Law Trailblazer." by the National Law Journal.


His books have received numerous awards including IBPA's highly competitive "Ben Franklin Award," Forward Magazine's "Book of the Year Award" and two "National Best Book Awards."

Praise for Books by Steven Mitchell Sack

Sack looks seemingly everywhere job discrimination might lurk and where special accommodations, if any, should be made.” – New York Times


Sack offers tips all workers should use to empower themselves. If there's one message driving Sack through his work, it's know your rights!” – Detroit News


Readers looking for an all-in-one employee legal primer or quick reference will find this book useful… Those looking for a quick answer will be rewarded. Highly recommended.” – Library Journal


Attorney Sack’s comprehensive, up-to-the-minute book is a first-aid kit to understanding one’s job rights, giving you all the information and power you need to fight back.” – Independent Publisher


Today employees are not as powerless as they once were. This book serves as a guide for employees who want to better understand their legal rights…a powerful resource that should be considered for anyone who wants the security of knowing the full extent of their legal power.” – Midwest Book Review


People who plan ahead will know how to negotiate and get more employment benefits. If you are on the verge of being laid off, or worry about it, labor attorney Sack will help you understand your rights before the pink slip arrives.” – Nashville Tennessean


Attorney Steven Sack's book is a reference that should be readily accessible to anyone whose job rights are threatened, or who want to make certain they don't get cheated out of rightful benefits and pay. The book has an amazing number of legal forms/letters for users. An excellent resource and valuable addition not only for library collections, but for college business classes and human service departments who want to do things right.” – TCM Reviews


Simply written, easy to digest, this book may save you some serious money in determining your rights in the workplace. If you feel you have been discriminated against, want to know the grounds for illegal firing, or are unsure of what kind of lawyer you need – get a copy now.” – New Woman Magazine


This is the real deal! Between its covers you will learn how to protect yourself and fight back if you are unfairly or illegally fired. It will likely save the reader a lot of money and aggravation, and will strengthen your position if you have a job-related legal problem.” – BookViews

A must-have for pretty much anyone who has a job! This book is a valuable and comprehensive resource filled with an abundance of tips and insights to help you understand your rights in the workplace. It's something you will turn to for advice over and over again whenever you face difficulties at the office, feel like you're being discriminated against, are having trouble with your boss, etc. It's like having a lawyer on your bookshelf!” – Nica

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